I am Arthur and I take pictures.

All the time. It's crazy, really. I have found myself in a state of constant obsession about photography ever since the day my grandmother gave me a camera for my 8th birthday. My work has since been published in several newspapers and magazines, such as Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), Thurgauer Zeitung, St. Galler Tagblatt, Appenzeller Zeitung, Der Rheintaler, Schweiz am Wochenende, DISPLAY and others. I have been on assignments for various Swiss companies and organizations like COOP Switzerland, Credit Suisse, Officer's Riding Society Zurich, Chinese Community of Switzerland, BWT Winterthur, Track13, CPM Switzerland, Manor, Synpulse, Digitec and many more. I am employed at St. Galler Tagblatt, where I meet lots of people, trying to tell their stories, filtering life through my perception of reality. You can always reach me here:

+41 77 437 75 53 or arthur@arthurgamsa.com

This is my work:

Run, 2021

Almuñécar, Spain, 2021

Water Reservoir, St. Gallen, 2021

Tran Thanphong, St. Gallen, 2021

Acid Trip, 2020

Katja Schenker, 2021

Palermo, Italy, 2020

Member of AA; Relative of AA, St. Gallen, 2021

Timon, Spain, 2021

Snow Storm, St. Gallen, 2021

Roaming, Winterthur, 2020

Kinsun Chan, St. Gallen, 2020

Moving Cardboard, St. Gallen, 2020

Toni Brunner, St. Gallen, 2021

Roaming 2, Winterthur, 2020

Youth Riots, St. Gallen, 2021

Somsri Loser, St. Gallen, 2021

Daniel Mojon, St. Gallen, 2021

Margrit Schrepfer, St. Gallen, 2021

Summer Start, St. Gallen, 2021

The Catch, Zürich, 2014

Wild Bird Sanctuary, St. Gallen, 2021

The Day After, St. Gallen, 2021

Debi, 2021

Rebecca Peters during the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Gallen, 2021

Marching of Time, Winterthur, 2021

Rolf Deubelbeiss, Rorschach, 2021

Winterthur, 2021

Debi, 2019

Winterthur, 2021

Cat Stories, Winterthur, 2019

Guy Parmelin and his Guard, 2021

Jona, 2021